Tips for taking pics for photo fittings

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Tips for taking pics for photo fittings

Postby Heather » Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:50 am

I am happy to help with fittings via photos. So to help you get the most bang for your time spent with the camera, here are some helpful tips to get good photos of your fitting.

1. Posture is everything in fitting. You need to be standing straight, with your arms at rest at your sides. Bodices are meant to fit with perfect posture. If you move or reach, the bodice will be pulled and moved with you.

2. The correct posture can be really hard if you have to take you own photos. So find the time delay on your camera, and place the camera on a shelf or table. It's OK if the shot is a little far away. Most photos have to be cropped or made smaller to be viewable on the computer screen anyway.

3. Please don't make the photo too small though. I find that a size of at least 600x600 px to be best. But larger is better than smaller.

4. I want to see all of you in the shot. Quite often, the root of a problem is different that what you might think, and if you zoom in too tightly, the root cause is left out of the frame. If you want to cut off your head, no problem. But please, I want to see chin to hip, left to right, front to back, all in the same photo. If you have a problem spot, you can take a close up of it, but I need the full shot to reference what I am looking at, and how it effects other parts of the bodice.

5. Take at least 4 photos. One from the front, one from the back, and one from each side. Yep, I want to see it all.

6. Use a plain fabric for your mockup, in a light-ish color, for the best visibility on a photo. Full white or black can be hard to distinguish rumples. Prints or plaids can also hide problems from view.

7. If you don't want to publicly post your fittings, then you can email the pics to me directly. info(at)trulyvictorian(dot)com

Thank you all very much!

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